Fighting the Last War: The WHO and International Tobacco Control

Fighting the Last War:
The WHO and International Tobacco Control

Join the online launch of the latest Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR) report - from 11.00 to 16.00 BST on Wednesday 27 October 2021, live streamed at

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Our speakers are report author Harry Shapiro (GSTHR), Derek Yach (Global Public Health Advocate), Tom Gleeson (New Nicotine Alliance Ireland), Jeannie Cameron (JCIC Consulting), Ethan Nadelmann (Founder and former Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance), Nataliia Toropova (Healthy Initiatives), Will Godfrey (Editor-in-chief of the Filter Magazine) and Professor Gerry Stimson (K•A•C).

THR facing significant obstacles

Fighting the Last War challenges the direction of travel of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) ahead of the forthcoming Conference of the Parties (COP 9). Over recent years, these meetings have moved away from the fundamental aim of the treaty, which was to prevent disease and death linked to tobacco smoking. Instead, leaders in tobacco control have sought to undermine the growing evidence supporting the efficacy and effectiveness of safer nicotine products and their public health potential.

In the report, author Harry Shapiro takes a close look at the history, development and often secretive processes of the FCTC COP, its early battles with the tobacco industry and the influences shaping international tobacco control’s response to safer nicotine products in 2021.